101 Militia Gaming’s List Under Quarantine

The Last of Us

The Last of Us: Left Behind

This gem is utterly one of the greatest survival horror narratives of the century. A mysterious fungus begins infecting people causing them to turn into terrifying, murderous creatures. The story follows Joel, a middle aged man who is just trying to make it, and the world’s greatest 12 year old side kick, Ellie. Joel and Ellie are thrown together in a whirlwind of events, but their Father-Daughter like relationship evolves over the coarse of the adventure. The exhausting trials you face in this world shows exactly how a post pandemic world could end up if we’re not careful. The hardships they face against the elements, the infected, and other humans, shows us that even in the hardships of a pandemic, we can still come together. And not buy all the toliet paper. Come on people.