Revisiting Old School Runescape In 2020

Think about it. It’s 2007, and you just got home from school. Your buddy just called you on your house phone asking if you’re going to get online, and where are you going on you high speed dial-up? Runescape.

Runescape is by far one of the most legendary MMORPGs on the market today being in short company with World of Warcraft, and a hand full of others. The 2007 version of this living piece of nostalgia gained such a cult following that the developers released that version as a stand alone experience. Old School Runescape was born.

Recently, I downloaded the Old School Runescape app for my Galaxy S10 as a spoof to see if my old login still worked. My user name and password was so ridiculously simple, I remembered it 13 years later. I brought up the login screen, and the iconic theme song began to play. I was excited to give this a shot, and sure enough, I logged right in. Unfortunately my progress from all those year ago was restarted, but I am more than happy to dive back into this amazing world from the beginning.

Old School Runescape

Traveling on my way to Varrock I was met with a band of roaming goblins. The combat is incredibly simple, but for the time it was pretty decent for an MMORPG. Playing it now, I am left feeling that the simplest mechanics in a video game is often times the best. Your character automatically battles, with you selecting to either slash, stab, or lunge your sword at your opponent. It’s a great system that got away from alot of the crunchiness that plague most mainstream multiplayer RPGs.

Developers at Jagex play heavily on our nostalgia, and it’s most welcomed. Being able to sit inside on a rainy day, much like I did when I was a kid, and walk that same road to Varrok is amazing. It’s things like this that I can’t wait for my daughter to experience.

Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape is a must for anyone looking to relive the good ole days of less responsibilities, or anyone looking for a well made RPG. To top off this gem, it’s completely free to play. If you’re in the neighborhood for nostalgia, hop back into this amazing world to experience retro gaming at its finest. Gather those runes and get that mithril, because Old School Runescape is here to stay.

What’s your favorite memory playing Runescape? Let us know in the comments below!