Top Resident Evil Bosses To Haunt Your Nightmares

Those who know me know that I’m a huge Resident Evil fan. One of the greatest parts of Capcom’s franchise is the titanic boss battles through out the series. This list is in no particular order, and each one on this entry remains at the top of their respective entry in the franchise. Let’s get started!

El Gigante, Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

Now this guy is big. Like really big. You don’t just get a name like “The Giant” and show up being like 6’9. No, this hulking behemoth towers over poor Leon in his quest the rescue Ashley from the church. As he is tugged out of his incredibly large cave like cage, he quickly over comes the 20 or so Ganados trying to control him. Yeah, like tugging on ropes is gonna subdue a 20ft tall bio-organic weapon.

Leon, with the help of a canine companion, duke it out with the mammoth creature in an epic David and Goliath duel. El Gigante has a weakness that Leon exposes when dealing heavy damage to it. A gigantic parasite reveals itself from its back which Leon slashes with his knife severely crippling the giant. The size alone would scare off any would be victim, but the added grotesque grey skin, terrifying roar, and it’s habit of throwing tree trunks is enough to make this list.

Mr. X, Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

Boy oh boy, Mr. X is a terrifying creature. This guy literally is the best of the best when it comes to villains that just don’t give up. As soon as you think you’re safe after taking out a few shambling zombies, BOOM! MR. X busts through a wall to get you. The dark corridors of the Raccoon Police Department made the atmosphere even more creepy as you wait for Mr. X to show that fresh fedora and trench coat combo.

Mr. X chases down the player the entire game, harassing them at every turn. The best thing I like about his is that each encounter never got annoying. I was seriously running for my life each time he would show up. Never did I think an encounter was TOO extra like someone with a certain rocket launcher….looking at you Nemesis.

Communications Officer, Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations

Now, I’m not the biggest Revelations fan, but this guy still gives me the creeps. The creepiest part of this guy was the lead up to the fight. As you’re walking through the cafeteria area of the Queen Zenobia, you are greeted with a bellowing voice that will haunt your dreams. The communications officer has been infected with the T-Abyss. He tries to hold on to his humanity by continuing to perform his last duty in life: relay a mayday message to get help for the ship.

During his radio messages the player can hear him bellow out: “Mayday, this is the Queen Zenobia. Mayday…MAAAAAYDAAAAAAAYYYYY.” It’s so creepy, and really did a good job of bringing a little horror back to the franchise. I honestly hadn’t been that creeped out since playing Resident Evil 7 in the darkness of my game room. Cause how else are you supposed to play Resident Evil? Give a listen to the Comms Officer below…

Dr. Salvador, Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

Why did I put two bosses from the same game here? Because, Resident Evil 4 had more interesting lore than all prior entries before it. Things like family pictures of the villagers, portraits of the castle that you’ll experience later, the neo-gothic architecture of the buildings. It was, and still is the greatest entry in the franchise. Dr. Salvador is the first boss that Leon experiences in the game. When he enters the village, and is attacked by the locals, Dr. Salvador makes his appearance. Leon takes shelter in a building then hears the terrifying sound of that infamous chainsaw revving up.

Dr. Salvador’s lore goes deep into Resident Evil 4. Theories of who the good Doctor was in life began sweeping the internet, and some were pretty credible. That’s an article for another day though. This chainsaw toting mad man ambushes Leon several times through out the village section of the game, and is a nightmare to take down. If he gets close enough to hit you, it’s an instant death. Automatic decapitation. It is honestly the most brutal way Leon is killed in the game.

Marguerite, Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

This is what true nightmares are made of. Marguerite is the mother of the Baker family that poor Ethan finds himself entangled with. Out of all the bosses on this list, none are more terrifying. After going to the old house part of the game, Ethan is forced into a game of hide and seek with Mama Marguerite. After it seems like he’s escaped, she mutates into this horrific spider like B.O.W, forcing Ethan into the scariest fight of the game.

Her long arms are creepy enough, but the fact that she scuttles around on the ceiling is enough to develop arachnophobia. When taking too much damage, she retreats into her many spider holes to try and out flank Ethan. I just hope you’ve saved your shotgun shells for this one.

Is there a boss that scared the mess out of you in Resident Evil? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Fun list. I always enjoyed the boss fight with Irving on the boat, starting with the turret gun battle before he grabs onto the boat and going into the tentacle battle. With more powerful weapons is largely forgettable but early on was a great contest


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