Let’s Talk: Super Mario Sunshine!

I know, this is supposed to be a conclusion on Oceanhorn, but I unfortunately haven’t finished it yet for a few various reasons. One being my competition fatigue debuff has expired, which led to Jericoh101, Lady McCool and myself to hop back into Hunt: Showdown. In lieu of that, I thought I’d take a minute to talk about one of my absolute favorite Mario games of all time. A game that I one hundred percent believe should get a remastered version; Super Mario Sunshine.

Super Mario Sunshine is a Mario action-adventure 3D platformer released for the Nintendo GameCube. It follows Super Mario 64 and is the second 3D Mario platformer. It was released here in the U.S. August 26th 2002, and it has stayed on my mind ever since. It stars many, many recurring stars and nefarious bosses up to and including; Bowser Jr., Petey Piranha and my personal favorite SHADOW MARIO. Yes ladies and gentleman, like Peter Pan himself, Mario might have to teach this shadow to stick to the tip of his toes! Shadow Mario is one of the antagonists in Super Mario Sunshine, he’s exactly like our favorite plumber with the only difference being his translucent, blue liquid style body. His main weapon to cause ruckus? A Magic Paintbrush that helps create large piles of “goop” that spawns lesser enemies.

Super Mario Sunshine

How oh how will Mario contend with what amounts to spilled paint! How will his jumping, and slamming ever be able to defeat that! Well brace yourselves, because it only marginally helps! Simply put, Mario would be out of his element in the Isle Delfino if it wasn’t for his helpful pal F.L.U.D.D. Who or what is F.L.U.D.D? That’s your helpful Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device! Okay okay, I know, it’s basically the biggest, baddest super soaker, that also helps you fly! Now armed with everything to clean up the Isle, our boy Mario starts out into what I believe is one of the best Mario games. The story was engaging, the combat hilarious and let’s not forget; Big Bowser chilling in a hot tub of lava! With out a doubt one of the best Mario games to ever grace my GameCube. I won’t give to much away because I hope you’ll take the time to track it down and have a play through. I promise you won’t be disappointed! That’s all for this week folks, tune in next week!

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