New Anime Spin-Off For A Beloved Classic

Calling all classic anime fans!

By now you have probably heard the news that later this year we will be getting a spin-off anime from a classic favorite. That’s right, set to debut October 3rd on YTV/NTV in Japan, the feudal fairytale Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon will be building an all new chapter in the Inuyasha universe!

Already we have been given some great character designs and descriptions and VIZ Media even released a trailer that tugs a bit at the heartstrings with that classic Inuyasha soundtrack. Here is the official synopsis of Yashahime’s premise:




At this point there are some details that we know, but there are far more questions than answers that will hopefully be cleared up or at least acknowledged during the first season. For example, the twins Towa and Setsune are Sesshomaru’s daughters, and we know that they are half-demon – just like their uncle who their good old dad loved pitching hell to for that simple fact. While I’m just about 99.99% sure who their mother is (and not quite sure how to feel about it yet, but I promised myself to keep an open mind until I get more details 💁) we still don’t have the official word on who that special human lady is.


Official promotional art for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon

Another concern is an understandable one… WHERE ARE KAGOME AND INUYASHA? There has not been much said about the stars of the OG series and that has fans a bit, well, worried. If you look closely in that promo shot, it almost looks like we have our boy Inuyasha with his back toward us, facing the tree. I’m not quite sure what the symbolism is supposed to be with this, but it ain’t looking too good for our favorite half-demon.

This is the official trailer released recently by VIZ Media.

So, what do you think of the new spin-off? Will you be watching the next generation in the Inuyasha universe, or do you prefer to just leave it at the original? Keep the discussion going in the comments below! ✌


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