The Bad Rap: Chibi-Usa from Sailor Moon

Welcome back for another installment of The Bad Rap! As always, The Bad Rap is a continuing series that updates once or twice a month with anime characters that folks love to despise. I cooked up a good one for y’all this week because we are going to talk about the infamous time traveling brat Chibi-Usa from Sailor Moon!

For my non Sailor Moon fans, Chibi-Usa is a character who appears a little later in the series to essentially cause chaos and destruction for our Sailor Scouts (well, that’s certainly how it felt, anyway.) Her real name is actually Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity. Yep, that’s right – she is Usagi and Mamoru’s future daughter. To add to the complexities, Chibi-Usa is physiologically five years old, but her chronological age is closer to 900 years old. So, for this fact alone we come to some pretty intense upset with fans of the series. Why?

Chibi-Usa’s transformation into the Black Lady, probably one of the bigger plot twists with her character

For starters, this kid is ancient. She has apparently been around for some time, 900-902 years, in fact. But we are not going to attempt to get into that debate because there are a ton of loose variables that get messy. What we do know is that she traveled back in time from the 30th century to attempt to fix things before the world has a chance to really go to hell. But instead of getting straight to work, she behaves like a nonsensical spoiled brat. When first introduced, she manages to brainwash Usagi’s family into taking her in on the belief that she is a cousin, therefore giving her the opportunity to take the Silver Crystal. Everything from mercilessly teasing teenage Usagi (remember Usagi is her mother in the future) and flirting big time with Mamoru (again… Mamoru is literally her future father) we can see from the start that she is not what we would expect of a long lived being. But setting her age aside since there is debate on how aging and development works with these beings, it is undeniable that Chibi-Usa has quite the knack at being a pest and complicating matters.

Chibi-Usa in a bit of shock

But there are plenty of good qualities about her, as well. The reason that she traveled to the past in the first place was to take the Silver Crystal to save the world. She also had some pretty significant character development over the course of the series. In all, my perspective on Chibi-Usa is that she is just a kid (ancient or not) that has lived a pretty rough life and carries a burden that is certainly much too big. In the end, in typical Sailor Moon fashion, things sort of work out the way that it should.

Just a little mother-daughter moment! How cute…

So, what do you guys think about Chibi-Usa? Are you part of the majority that finds her annoying to the point of hatred, or do you have a soft spot for the overburdened time traveling tyke? Let us know in the comments below!

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