Cult Classic Throwback: Alone in the Dark (1992)

Welcome one and all to today’s installment of Cult Classic Throwback! What we like to do here is shed some light on classic games that have kept a cult following through the years. Today’s edition is no different. We are going to be discussing the original game from good old 1992, Alone in the Dark.

Edward Carnby busting a cap in a zombie… sounds like a great time!

Alone in the Dark first released in 1992, published by Infogames as a survival horror. You might not be able to tell by the screengrab above, but this game was a pioneer and pretty revolutionary when it came to its graphics. As a matter of fact, Alone in the Dark won several awards for the graphics and game plot. For the most part, the gameplay itself is smooth but pretty linear, requiring the player to solve puzzles to advance. And you get to kick zombie and other baddy butts along the way!

Something the game lacks is a solid storyline. Our boy Carnby ventures to the ill-fated Derceto mansion in order to obtain a piano for an antique shop. But of course somewhere between arriving and beginning the game in the attic and fighting demons you forget about your initial quest.

Alone in the Dark paved the way for the future of horror gaming. Many sequels developed after and set the bar for many other horror survival titles that would develop over the years.

Oh, and there are several ways to die in this game. This gif shows you getting dragged away by a zombie.

Did you ever play the original Alone in the Dark? Were you awed by the graphics or did the storyline cause the game to fall flat? Tell us what you think! Comment below to keep the coversation going!
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