Things Battlefield 6 Needs To Succeed

With Battlefield 6 on the horizon, I’ve been thinking about things I would love to see. Whether it’s features that I would love to see return, or new gameplay mechanics that I would like to see added, Battlefield 6 is shaping up to be one of the best releases to date!

Now, these features and mechanics are all personal opinions, and by no means must haves. I’m simply listing off my personal opinions about things that would make the next entry into the franchise the best as it can be to me.

Fortifications Need To Return

Fortification Promo From Battlefield V

One of the coolest and useful features of Battlefield V was the ability to construct fortifications around objective areas. Like, it changed the way the game was played in just a good way. After you captured an objective in conquest, your team could build machine gun nests, sand bag walls, trenches, tank blockers, and even anti-tank guns. Fortifications gave defenders an actual chance to when protecting a flag.

In older Battlefield games, defenders were only able to use light cover that thr developers would graciously give you. It really forced you to capture the objective, and immediately move on with fears of being instantly killed by an enemy counter attack. Now, in a fully dug in position, there’s been times where me and my wife could repel an entire platoon just by ourselves. It led to some of the craziest fights we’ve had. Fortifications were such a great addition to the franchise. If the developers decide to move on, it will be dearly misses.

Infantry Mortars Need To Make A Come Back

Infantry Mortar In Battlefield 1

Man, do y’all remember in Battlefield 4 moving on an enemy flag, and hearing your squad leader call out for fire support? I do, because I usually was the support guy. There was nothing cooler than putting away you squad automatic weapon, and whipping out your mortar tube to rain heavenly retribution down on the enemy objective. It gave the game a sense of a full modern military experience. Whether you were on the attack, or defense, the mortar guy was always there to deliver a little extra punch.

It made a return to Battlefield 1, but was removed in Battlefield V for some reason. It was replaced by the squad fire support system which simulated the platoon leader calling in support from the company HQ. I understand that’s what they were going for, but removing the ability to have indirect fire support drastically weakened offensive operations. Just as I said in my earlier statement that two good players can lock down a fully fortified location, because there’s simply so little support for infantry. Now, I know you could argue the PIAT could be used as a mortar, but it just wasn’t the same.

The Squad System Needs A Huge Upgrade

There’s been an interesting shift in team work in the last few Battlefield games. That is there is little to none. Squad members rarely follow orders, and when they do theres little benefit to doing so. In Battlefield V, the squad leader recieved points that they could cash in to call in some kind of support, but that’s it. If you were on some random squad, there’s no reason to follow those orders. There needs to be some kind of new system that allows squad members to reap some reward for following squad orders. If you give a random guy a benefit to completing your orders, we would see a lot more squad cohesion.

Take Grand Operations Back To The Success Of Battlefield 1

Behemoth Zeppelin In Battlefield 1

So, I LOVED grand operations in Battlefield V. It brought a true World War II campaign to the realms of multiplayer gaming that hadn’t been seen before. However, it lacked the drama, and immersion that its predecessor had in the previous game. In Battlefield 1 you truly felt like you were in a single battle in the mists of a larger war. Each battle fought along the way had ACTUAL meaning, and benefits of winning. If one faction was getting smacked around, they would receive a super weapon called “Behemoths”, which greatly turned the tides of the campaign.

I have this great memory where me and my wife were getting beat down like a catholic child that said a curse word at mass. We were granted a Zeppelin the following battle, and I kid you not, between both of us we got at least 120 kills. This changed the tides of the campaign, which we went on the win! It’s epic moments like that I wish would come back.

No matter what your views are on the state of the Battlefield franchise, just know that we have a lot to look forward to. Battlefield 6 is going to bring the franchise to new heights that gaming has never experienced before. If you just want to complain about the franchise then please, for the love of God, don’t play it. No one cares that you’re upsetty spaghetti that there’s female soldiers in the game. Get over it, and enjoy the game like we all are. Bring the fun back to gaming guys.

Sorry about the rant, it just urks my nerves. Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic week, and I’ll see you on the battlefield!

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