Why Being Nerdy is Essential

Today I figured we would discuss something that is near and dear to my heart – keeping up with my nerd/geek culture while also trying to be a responsible grown up. I don’t know about y’all, but I have some pretty major plans for 2021. Right now I’m juggling two full time jobs, a solid writing career with plans for a major collaboration set for later this year, dipping my big toe back in the water of musical theatre, trying to keep up with my own webcomic, and getting a few hours of sleep a night while also not collapsing under the stress of it all. Yeah, it’s a lot and it doesn’t include my plans for travel this summer. Just thinking about it all makes me exhausted.

Constantly in need of a nap.

Even if you don’t have a list a mile long of tasks and goals needing to be checked off, I’m sure you can relate to the need to bring some balance back to whatever chaos you might be currently experiencing. I think we all feel a bit restless right now. It’s completely normal, especially after the hellish ordeal we experienced last year. That’s why it is so important to take time every day to do something nerdy that you love. Not for profit or for some sort of gain socially. The point is to do the thing that helps you to unwind and maintain balance when life can be overwhelming.

You know me, I’m your girl when it comes to anime. One of my go-to shows I’ve let play lately when I get home after working 12-13 hours is Sailor Moon (yep, from last week’s article – complete with the 90s animation!) Right now it is just nice to watch something that I’ve seen many times before, but with a different perspective now that I’m a little bit older. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also been watching Yashahime and loving every moment of the new animation and storyline, but a classic is a classic and sometimes that’s just what we need after working a long day in insurance and/or retail… and yeah, I’m talking from experience. 💁

An incredibly accurate representation of what I look like when I play Dead by Daylight.

So, are YOU feeling burned out by the uptake in adult responsibilities? Watch an old favorite, spend some time on a great game, read that webcomic or manga you’ve loved and wanted to catch up on. These things will help maintain that little piece of normality we all need to keep going when times get tough. And remember, making your mental wellbeing a priority is absolutely essential. 🖤

See, the ladies from Yu Yu Hakusho know how to wind down!


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