Civilization: Much More Than A Game

I grew up playing Civilization. My dad got me hooked on it when I was pretty young, and wanted to just focus on the military side of strategy games. We would spend hours playing hot seat on our old windows XP conquering the world. It was at this age when I started to truly understand the meaning of Civilization games. They aren’t games to be won, but games to be experienced.

What I mean by this is that games like Civilization aren’t really meant to be competitive. Thinking about it. When you log onto Civilization 6‘s multiplayer all you see is closed lobbies. Why is that? It’s because people are playing with their friends. The game now turns to this cooperative experience where the more friends you have in your game, the more difficult you make the Ai. It’s an amazing sense of unity to where you are focusing on nation building your own country, as well as coordinating with your international allies. It’s a great experience to share with your friends.

City In Civilization 6

Beyond playing with friends the game offers so much more than blowing up your opponents with thermonuclear bombs…looking at you Ghandi. Each time you play it’s a new experience. Will your nation be a naval powerhouse or land locked? Will you make your country a zealous theocracy converting your allies to your cult like religion, or become the economic Capitol of the world. It’s a game where you’ll always have endless possibilities, and infinite struggles to overcome as a leader.

People you love studying history, politics, foreign affairs, and war know exactly where I’m coming from. Civilization gives you an experience that no other game can. Just taking your time, and improving the life of your citizens is by far some of the best things you can do. As you engage in foreign relations, you have to remember to try to keep things fair, but understand that your people’s interest always comes above all else. It’s a great way for people to role play politics like I try to do in every video game. I’m pretty sure my friends are getting tired of it.

If you haven’t ever played a Civilization game, then I highly recommend you do. If you’re a history buff like me, them you’ll feel right at home. Civilization 6 is available on all console, as well as PC. So go grab it, and let’s rule the world!

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