Daymare 1998, Horror Survival Returns

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a HUGE survival horror fan. I grew up playing the greats like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Doom 3. Even as a little kid I loved being scared, and that poured over into adult hood. It heavily influenced me to the horror writer I am today! I just absolutely love it.

Growing up playing these greats made it very difficult for anything else to live up to them. A few came close, but outside of those franchises left a lot to be desired. That’s until I stumbled upon a little horror gem while writing for Only SP Magazine. This little beauty would be called Daymare 1998.

What started out as a fan remake of Resident Evil 2 became something all on its own. Even though it would become something entirely different, you can definitely still feel the influence on the developers from Capcom’s best entry in their legendary franchise. Just the atmosphere alone sends players back to the classic 90s horror experience with its dark tone, neo-gothic design, eerie soundtrack, and horrifying enemies.

Daymare 1998

Speaking of the soundtrack, I couldn’t be more impressed. The developers chose to have the lonely piano score filling the audio of the dark corridors. Jesus, it sends me back to when I would cut off all the lights and hunker down in Raccoon City. Scary stuff man.

The gameplay is absolutely perfect. It mixes the old school Resident Evil inventory system with the contemporary over the shoulder point of view. The gun play is pretty smooth, even though I could nail a zombie in the head four times before I put him down. Like, zombie + headshot should = death, right?

Now, where Daymare 1998 struggles is its voice acting. Oooooh boy it’s bad. It’s almost like the developers ran out of money in their budget and decided to record the dialogue their selves. That’s cool and all, but sometimes it takes away from the over all immersion of the game.

Zombie Attacks In Daymare 1998

Daymare 1998 is over all an amazing horror survival experience perfect for any fan of the greats of the 90s. Even if you’re too young to have experienced that, it’s still welcoming to any new players of the genre. So grab your trusty pistol, strap up those boots, and let’s go kill some zombies like the good old days!

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