The Bad Rap: Fish Eye from Sailor Moon

Welcome back to another edition of The Bad Rap! You read that right – you’re getting treated to back-to-back weeks of one of our favorite 101 Militia Gaming segments! Some of y’all might know that I’ve decided to do a complete re-watch of the 90’s classic Sailor Moon with the Viz Media dub (can be found on Hulu) and during this adventure I have rediscovered some… interesting villains. One villain that seems to stick out to me the most so far is from the Amazon Trio of the Black Moon Circus arc. No, not Hawk Eye or Tiger Eye… they’re a bit too vanilla and predictable for my eccentric taste. That is right, today we have Fish Eye in the hot seat!

Just look at how adorable he gets when he finally spots a victim potential lover!

I have a lot to say about Fish Eye. I actually regard him as one of the most intelligent characters in the entire series, if not the top spot. First of all, let’s get down to basics. Fish Eye is technically a fish that has been given dark power to appear human in order to be used as a pawn in locating Pegasus, along with his comrades Hawk Eye and Tiger Eye. Of course, the three don’t know that tiny detail until later, which ends up becoming an important plot twist for our boy. Now, while Hawk and Tiger are busy choosing from stacks of photos featuring females that might be the beautiful dreamer hiding Pegasus, Fish has… other plans. During the span of the arc we learn a lot about the unique qualities of Fish Eye: he is gay, he cross dresses and has no problem making it known that he is a guy, all of his minion helpers are male while his counterparts are always female, and he is a wonderful ballet dancer. There are just so many things I adored about Fish that I actually found myself rooting for him AND his witty comebacks!

Like, he actually asked the questions we were wondering.

As if all of these things weren’t enough to solidify my love for him, there came a point where he began to contemplate the reasoning behind finding Pegasus in the first place. It happened after a bit of an awkward encounter with Mamoru about his unfaltering love for Usagi. When asked what makes her so special, Mamo tells him it’s because of her dreams (yeah, I wasn’t too convinced by that answer, either) and it sent Fish into an entire existential crisis about whether or not he himself was capable of having dreams. To test his theory, he even did his *snap-one-two-three* deal on Tiger Eye. He wasn’t surprised to see that a dream mirror didn’t appear like with the rest of their victims, and the three soon discovered the truth about what they truly were.

No dream mirror means no actual humanity. And that makes Fish Eye a sad fish.

Fish Eye is one of the very few (if not the only one… I still haven’t made it to the end and it’s been too long to remember if there were others 🤷) that discovered Usagi is actually Sailor Moon by only paying attention to her mannerisms. If that isn’t reason to mark him as one of the most observant and intelligent characters in the series, I just don’t know what to tell you. He and his comrades ended up sacrificing their lives to save Sailor Moon after a devastating shatter of her dream mirror. I just really found this whole series of events a refreshing spin from the usual scantily dressed female foe.

Ah, the modeling episode was a classic take on being a toxic primadonna. I still love Fish Eye, anyway.

So, does Fish Eye deserve his Bad Rap? Yes. He does, but he had an actual redemption at the end that I completely adored. He learned the truth of what humanity really means, and he got his happy ending… even if it was still pretty sad.

Tell us what YOU think! What was your impression of Fish Eye and the rest of the Amazon Trio? Did you think he deserved the end he got? Let us know what you think in the comments below! ✌✨🌙


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