Quake Is A Retro Remake Needing To Happen

Any self respecting gamer from the 90s would surely have played a little gem called Quake. So, Quake is one of Id Software’s big three: Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake. However, good old Id has seemingly forgotten about this franchise, opting to give modern remakes to its two other major brands.

So what is Quake? It’s a first person sci-fi shooter with the same style as Id’s other major titles. The canon story is that a militaristic race of cyborgs launched an attack on Earth. These cyborgs, called the Strogg, seeking out sentient species to add to their seemingly endless hordes of cyborg soldiers. They were successful repulsed by the Earth Defense Force, and sent packing back to their home world, Stroggos. After a bit of time to regroup, humanity launches a counter attack, and a lone Marine assassinates the Strogg leader. The story was always so immersive. Being trapped on a hostile, alien world almost gave the story a bit of a horror element.

Quake 2

So, what has Id done with the Quake brand since then? Not much. The last true Quake game we got was Quake 4 way back in 2005. Literally over 15 years ago. Yeah, one could argue that they gave us Quake Champions, but come on. That’s just masquerading as an Unreal Tournament wannabe. We need a REAL entry into the franchise. We need a reboot.

With the technology that Id has today, making a dark sci-fi shooter would be a piece of cake. I would like to see it done more like Wolfenstein than Doom. The latter is so unique that deserves to stand on its own. I mean, even Shadow Warrior from that 90s got a modern reboot, give the old shooter some love!

Quake 4

We can’t let such a legendary, genre changing franchise be swept under the rug. Let’s make it happen Id!

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