We all know the struggle of working long days and having no time or energy left in us to fire up our consoles or PCs at the end of the day to play some games. While those little escapes into playing a game are much needed, sometimes it can feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to do it. Lately, I have started delving more into mobile games. This week I tried out “Orna” and it is a fun little treat.

Orna is available for free download on Google Play, Apple Store, and Amazon Appstore. When you first fire up the game, it will have you enter a username and select your gender and which class you want to play as. You have the options of warrior, mage, or thief. I chose mage because well, magic is just awesome. As you continue to level up your character, you can later unlock other categories such as spellsword, centurion, or hunter.

Lots of mobs to defeat!

Much like the style of Pokemon Go!, to move your character in Orna you also have to move in real life. While looking at your map, you can see different shops and enemies that you can battle to help raise your character level. The battles play as oldschool turn-based combat, which is so fun. You do have the option of creating a party if you have friends nearby. With the weather getting nicer, this is a great option to go explore outside while also defeating mobs and finding some sweet loot.

I personally really love the art style of Orna as well. I am a sucker for pixelated games. I think it’s mostly a nostalgia thing, but there just seems something so simple yet so satisfying about the pixelated art style. Have you tried Orna? Want to party up and slay some baddies? Let us know in the comments if you have played and enjoyed this game!


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