Finally Finishing Daymare 1998

Man, was this a fantastic game. It truly lived up to what they set out to accomplish: a true call back to some of the great horror games of the late 90s. The game delivered some great scares, fantastic locations, and truly creepy enemies. The atmosphere was spot on too. Although I wish it had more of a call back to the neo-gothic design that the early Resident Evils had, it came through with its own identity.

The great puzzles and gameplay definitely makes up for the game’s weak story and voice acting. My God, the horrible voice acting. Anyway, the entire game is so perfectly balanced until the very end. It seemed like the developers were like: “Hey, let’s make the final boss stupid hard just for the sake of being stupid hard.” It kinda took away from the great experience I was having. You have to fight it three times, and by the final fight comes you have nothing. Like, nothing but a few pistol rounds. I’m an ammo hoarder too and it was still an issue.

Daymare: 1998

I’m not here to dog on this game though. For any horror survival fan out there do not sleep on this game. You will not be disappointed. Just keep in mind that Invader Studios doesn’t have the budget that the other major horror survival games have, and sometimes it shows. However, it doesn’t take away from the immersion at all! Just make sure you cut those lights out, put the audio in your headphones, and immerse yourself in this great world.

Final verdict?

Daymare: 1998 is an amazing attempt to bring back real survival horror. Limited resources are given to fight back against the mutated monsters that roam the streets of Keen Sights, just like the good old days. Some small things seem to break the over all immersion here and there, and a MASSIVE difficulty spike (on 1998 mode) with the final fight absolutely KILLS the immersion, but other than that it will suck you in. Go grab this game when you get a chance! It’s a great game to add to your library.

101 Militia Gaming Rating

⭐⭐⭐ 3/5

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