Co-op Gaming: Left 4 Dead

One thing I’ve noticed as time goes on is the lack of co-op experiences being offered in gaming. Some weird shift in developers’ mindset is changing the very culture of multiplayer gaming. I mean, not EVERY game has to be competitive, but it seems like that’s the current trend today. So, I’m here to remind you that some of the greatest experiences you can have is right there with a friend by your side. Whether you’re fighting zombies or dungeon diving, there’s nothing better than taking on a force together.

What better game to get lost in together with someone? Well, only the greatest zombie game that all others strive to replicate.

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is a co-op zombie survival game which puts 4 players against waves of the undead. Players must work together to make it through each chapter to reach to safe room at the end. However, the final chapter in the campaign away consists of a great escape where you must dig in, and hold out for rescue to come.

It was a formula that made this game absolutely legendary. The short chapters and long campaigns made it the perfect arcade experience to just drop in for a little zombie murdering without the full commitment of a story. When it comes to co-op games, a detailed story actually turns me off. I, for some reason, can’t get into a multiplayer story like I can a singleplayer one. Left 4 Dead never had this problem though. You felt fully immersed into the world that seemed to be falling apart around you. It is something that hundreds of games have tried to mimic, but ultimately failed.

On top of it’s superb gameplay, the replayability is some of the highest in the business. With its highly intelligent A.I. director, every time you play is a new experience. Zombie hordes come randomly, guns change locations, and other supplies are hidden in different spots. It’s a great way to keep players exploring even after they’ve played it dozens of times.

Where does the game fall short? It doesn’t. Moving on.

So much can be said about this game, but the one thing everyone can agree on is that Left 4 Dead is a true masterpiece. It’s available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, so only Xbox users can experience this great game. Let’s be honest though, console wars are over. IT’S OKAY TO OWN BOTH CONSOLES. Don’t be afraid to support both since each console brings its own amazing qualities to gaming culture.

It’s dirt cheap now, and is a great way to prepare yourself for its spiritual successor Back 4 Blood which drops in October! We here at are really excited for that one, so keep it on your radar!

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