June 30th: Sailor Moon Day!

Welcome back, Militia! By the time you read this, June 30th of 2021 will have passed. However, that definitely does not mean we can’t talk about it and maybe prepare for next year!

What’s so special about June 30th, you may ask? Well, June 30th is known in the Sailor Moon fandom as Sailor Moon Day because it happens to be Usagi Tsukino’s (and her children, too… strangely enough…) birthday! For those of you who might not know, Usagi/Serena is the Moon Princess and crime fighter Sailor Moon in the beloved classic manga and anime. There is a special birthday episode from the original 90s anime that always stuck with me throughout my childhood because I thought it was cute and silly how much she romanticized her own birthday. Now that I’m older, I totally get her excitement. I mean, come on – our girl was literally a princess! Of course her big day had to be a magical affair.

This little slice right here! Sometimes I wish my own announcements were as grandiose!

I think what is so special about these little details, like the birthdays of fictional characters we grew up with, gives them another element and makes the experience more human. Sure, Usagi is sort of an alien and had died more than several times. But knowing that she has a normal birthday just like any other person was just something that felt like she could just be your friend next door. And that gave the series a much more endearing feeling as a little kid… and as an adult re-watching it years later!

What do I plan to do to celebrate our moon princess’s birthday? Well, I’ll get some snacks and finish up watching the final season of the classic series this weekend! Because nothing says Saturday like a Sailor Moon marathon! ✨

What do you guys think of fictional birthdays? Are they a reason to celebrate or are they just a nice background touch for character development? Or do you not even notice or really care? Let us know what you think!


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