The Bad Rap: Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia

Welcome back, Militia! I’m sure you could guess why we are here today… I just recently really got into MHA after much insisting from my brother. Well, one week later and I’m halfway through season 3. And we need to go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room. Today we have Katsuke in the Bad Rap hot seat! 🔥

This dude seriously needs to chill the hell out.

Look, I love MHA. I’m frustrated that I struggled so much getting into it before. But one of the defining reasons when I first tried giving the show a shot was how much this dude pissed me the hell off. From the very beginning of the show we discover that Bakugo is extremely talented. His quirk is undeniably powerful and it is clear that he is going to be important. However, instead of just being prideful – which is an annoying trait itself but can still be redeemable when justified – this little creep is a Class A bully. Not a bully to people with quirks that potentially outshines his. No. He is a bully to a kid who initially has no quirk at all and poses no threat whatsoever to him. Bakugo spends years torturing Midoriya and holds such resentment for him all because he shows courage when he didn’t have a quirk to use. I honestly don’t understand what makes him behave this way. Unless I somehow missed something during flashbacks, I see no reason why he became such an awful person to Izuku other than what seems to be just sheer anger that he would want to help him despite being powerless. Was that how he was raised? Is that just his personality? It just really doesn’t make sense to have someone so hostile with such little provoking. Unless… well, unless he is just violently hostile for no reason.

Look, I’m all for tough characters with bad attitudes having a nice little redemption arc to iron out. I know it is probably on the way. But every single episode I find myself disliking him more and more. He is so wrapped up in himself that he ends up putting his class and himself in grave danger (really trying to not post spoilers!) and at some point I just sort of wish he’d just join the villains since he obviously seems to represent them so much more. At least then it would be nice to watch him get the much-deserved fight to take him down like twenty pegs.

Does Katsuki deserve his bad rap? Probably more than any other character I have covered so far. He’s a brat. He is selfish. He is destructive. He is a bully and a tool. And he has so much potential to be so much better than that. I only hope as I continue watching the show and most likely reading the manga that he will have that character breakthrough. But until then he can just take that awful attitude and worldview someplace else.

Well, what do YOU think? Does Bakugo deserve his bad rap? Have anything to add? We always love hearing your take, so leave a comment below! ✌


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