Wizards of the Coast Announces Next “Evolution” in D&D

During the “Future of D&D panel” Wizards of the Coat big shots announced a change to the core rule book coming in 2024. They said that this new evolution would be FULLY backwards compatible with 5th edition, so don’t start selling off that source material just yet guys. There’s so many theories floating around, but here’s what I’m thinking.

This “evolution” is going to be pretty similar to the old 3.5e from back in the day, I’m sure of it. If any of you remember that old system, when they added the updated rules it made 3e SO. MUCH. BETTER. I mean, do you remember how many books released for that edition? Literally like 20. It was enough to donated a large portion of your library to just the source material. In fact, I love 3.5e so much, I always steal some rule and mechanics to use today for my 5e group. Granted, 3.5e and 5e are pretty similar, it doesn’t take away from how great some of those mechanics were.

3.5 Core Books

So, somethings I’d like to see in a 5.5e? New spell system no question about it. I’ve never been a fan of the whole “spell slot” system. No matter how I worded it to new players it would alway confuse them, and sometimes confuse me too. It turned off new players from playing spellcasters which is a bummer. D&D is nothing without someone slinging Magic Missiles over the battlefield into a big baddie, or clearing a room of Kobolds with a well timed Fireball. Oh, those are the best.

Source material I’d like to see added in a 5.5e is also very simple. I want a true system of how players can govern at any level. Something similar to the 3.5e’s Stronghold Builder’s Guide, only add in how characters can govern while still being able to adventure around. I’ve tried homebrewing a system, and most of the time it never works, so having dedicated rules for it would really help me out as a DM.

It’s always exciting when we get new D&D news. My hopes are that they keep the foundation of 5e, and just expand on it to make it better! Like, a new magic system I mentioned earlier…please. Please give us a better magic system. Anyway, any D&D news is good news!

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