Bite Size Halloween

Welcome back, Militia! I hope that you are enjoying each and every moment the season has to offer! I know that I have been checking out not only the new anime rolling out this month, I’m also watching a delightfully scary series I stumbled across on Hulu called Bite Size Halloween from 20th Digital.

One of my top favorites on Bite Size Halloween, “Old Maid”

I’ve always been a sucker for scary stories. I grew up on them, whether they be told verbally by my grandmother or by watching horror movies that may or may not have been too morbid for a young, impressionable mind. I also have a special love for short stories and micro-shorts, which is why I absolutely love Bite Size Halloween. Every episode is a stand-alone tale and all wrapped up in less than five minutes. They range from disturbing, bloody, supernatural, to darkly humorous (I see you, Monstagram! 😂) and vary on style and culture. There is a scary story for just about anyone!

Currently there are two seasons on Hulu. My favorite at the moment is a short called Old Maid. It starts innocently enough as a bride nervously prepares for her wedding day, only she is confronted by a terrifying entity.


Have you seen Bite Size Halloween? Tell us what you think! We’d love to get your opinion so comment your favorite or least favorite episode below! 🎃💀🎃


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