The Bad Rap: Misa Amane from Death Note

I don’t know about you guys, but when the weather first starts turning chilly during autumn, I always like to replay a classic psychological thriller anime while Halloween decorating to really get prepared for the season. That’s right – Death Note with all its twists and turns is the perfect mood setter! Today we have the sassy diva in the Bad Rap hot seat – Misa Amane!

Misa Misa!

Misa, for the most part, really is your typical yandere female character. She hits the scene suddenly and hard when our boy Light (a.k.a Kira) kills the man who murdered her parents and she immediately swears devotion beyond reason to his cause. She is accompanied by her own shinigami, Rem, which unlike Ryuk with Light, has developed feelings for Misa that for the most part are one-sided. Misa has also chosen to give part of her remaining living days for the power of shinigami eyes to see the names of others to better use the Death Note. As you can imagine, this certainly comes in handy with Kira’s mission.

Misa is a character that is designed to be loved and hated because she does come with a tragic past, but ultimately creates a future that could be seen as overcoming the trauma – although watchers can verify this isn’t exactly true. Misa is willing to lose everything in her devotion to Light and in turn she is used countless times, even at the cost of losing Rem. In the end she does seem to get retribution in a way, but this took years.

Misa and Rem

Does Misa deserve her bad rap? I’d say absolutely. Misa is no fool. She is cunning and devious – perhaps not on the same level as Light, but she had a way of getting exactly what she wanted and had knowingly killed others to get it. Part of me understands her trauma and I did feel some compassion in her struggle to become who she ultimately was, but that does not excuse her actions.

Well, what do you guys think? Did Misa get under your skin or did you enjoy her character? Let us know what you think in the comments below! ✌


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