Why Is Nobody Talking About White Noise 2?

I’m always on the look out for good co-op horror games. Always. So, as most of you know, there really aren’t too many out there. Yeah, you have the industry bigs like Resident Evil 5 & 6, Dying Light, Dead Island, and a few other gems, but that’s it. Rarely can you find a decent horror experience that you and a friend and take on together without a dash of action-adventure tossed in for flavoring. I was beginning to give up until I stumbled upon a game that COMPLETELY slid beneath the radar of horror games. That game is the masterpiece:

White Noise 2

Haven’t heard of it? Me neither until this year’s Halloween Sale went live on PSN. So, what is this hidden gem? It’s a 4v1 horror survival game where players are paranormal investigators, investigating a paranormal anomaly. These anomalies though aren’t ghost, poltergeist, or demonic possessions. They are dimension crossing entities crossing over into our realm to either devour humanity, or enslave it. Pretty sweet, right?

Olkoth Stalking An Investigator

Investigators must search the map for clues that reveal the location of the creature’s artifact which is binding it to this world. The creature roams the map, summoning idol to defend key locations from the investigators. When players get near one of these disturbing constructs, it alerts the creature so it can act accordingly. The creature has much more at its disposal than idols. It has a variety of other worldly abilities it uses to stalk its prey. Teleporting, traps, EMP waves, and even swapping places with an investigator to get the drop on a group.

The investigators aren’t completely defenseless though. The my are armed with the all powerful…flashlight. Yeah, it may not seem like much, but trust me you’re gonna be glad it’s in the game. Not only is this game pitch black, the creature is repelled by light. If you catch the creature sneaking up on you, shine the beam at it’s gross face, and within second it’ll dissolve away to respawn at one of its idols. A simple, but effective combat system. Players also have glow sticks in their arsenal that can be throw out to cover their rear, or illuminate a dark area that looks too suspicious. These won’t banish the creature, but will slow it down so you can make an escape.

A Group Of Investigators

Overall, we here at 101militiagaming.com have been having an absolute blast with the game. The game is traditionally a 4v1 multiplayer game, but it has something that other games in the genre doesn’t. FULL CO-OP SUPPORT. That’s right. It can be played with you and your friends facing off against an Ai creature, which is what sold me on it. The lack of co-op in the 4v1 genre is what leads to a lot of games failing. Look at Evolve (which I’m a fan of…screw you), Friday The 13th, Dead By Daylight, and even more recently with Predator Hunting Grounds. All of those games lacked a co-op mode that allows just a group of friends to escape an A.i. big bad. All of them have solid core gameplay, but such a big feature missing is what ultimately led to their failure.

It’s really refreshing to have a game like White Noise 2. There just isn’t any other game like it out there currently. So, if you are looking for a truly creepy horror survival game to get into with your friends, then please give this one a chance. Any fans of the horror survival genre is going to feel right at home.

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