The Age Of Military Simulators On Consoles Has Arrived

There’s one genre that I’ve absolutely obsessed with since I was a kid, Military Simulators or Mil-Sims. These games have been fascinating gamers since the earliest glimpse of them. Today, Mil-Sims are some of the most dominant games of the PC platform because of their incredible scope and ability to immerse players in an active warzone. However, with the complexity with these type of games being so high, they are almost always avoided on consoles. Those days are now over.

The past year has shown us that big video game developing companies have FINALLY seen the value in porting Mil-Sims to consoles. There is a community of dedicated gamers who have struggled to fill that large gap for many years now. There’s a few notable examples of console gamers getting the sweet taste of a Military Simulator, but not many. Operation Flashpoint, the older Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and Verdun/Tannenburg. All of these are proof that Mil-Sims can work on consoles, and I truly believe they were the pioneers to where we’re headed now.


So, where are we now? We’re entering a golden age of Mil-Sims on consoles that’s where! So many major hitters have started to hit the console stores. These games were only dreams of console gamers before, but now they are all available as we speak. We have Insurgency Sandstorm, Enlisted, and even the legendary Hell Let Loose. We also have the great World War 1 simulators Verdun and Tannenburg, which I could not reccomend more. For anyone who wants a realistic WW1 trench experience, definitely do yourself a favor and grab this if it’s on sale.

This is absolutely amazing for the community. We finally have ways of experiencing this long elusive genre. No longer do we just have to make our own experiences like role-playing on DayZ and other similar games. It’s time for us to enjoy these awesome games like the rest of the Mil-Sim community as a whole. Now, all we need is Squad to be on PS5 and I’ll be happy. Yeah I know, wishful thinking. Maybe one day!

Six Days In Fallujah

This is only the beginning for console Mil-Sims. We have Six Days In Fallujah just around the corner, which brings the first real video game based on the modern Iraq War. It’s going to be crazy, and is definitely sitting near the top of my list. It hopefully comes out next month, but based on its controversial history time will only tell. Good thing we have so much more to play now!

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