The Bad Rap: Mineta from My Hero Academia

Hello again, fellow Militia! I hope you all are having a nice season. The weather is getting chillier, the food is getting richer, and the anime binging is only getting started! I thought I’d start December off right with a Bad Rap hot seat that I think *most* of us can get behind. Yep, today we are talking about the Fresh-Picked Hero – Minoru Mineta from “My Hero Academia”!

So cute and small! How could anyone possibly dislike this little guy? 🤔

So, I don’t know about y’all, but Mineta is just one of those MHA characters that confuses the fire out of me. His quirk has interesting potential, where he uses the sticky balls that grow from his scalp to stick to objects… and that’s cool. But is it really Class 1-A at U.A. High cool? I guess that really isn’t for us to judge at this point since he’s obviously been admitted into the Hero Program for some reason and he’ll eventually have some power glow up down the road. But part of me just gets so irritated that there are some stupidly cool quirks in other classes that would be much more interesting to watch unfold when instead, we get to see Mineta yet again sexually harass his classmates. Yuck.

And that’s where his Bad Rap really lies, the perverted tendencies. It seems like every scene that he occupies he has to do or say something sexual and inappropriate. I understand that part of this was done as a way of making him into a sort of comic relief (some scenes are pretty heavy and dark so any little fun break can be appreciated) but I just feel like it is too much.

Does he deserve his Bad Rap because of this? You know, I don’t think he’s a bad character. At the end of the day, even though this is a show about super powered future heroes, Mineta is still just a teenager. Teenagers can be perverted. Does his character need to shape up and perhaps not focus so heavily on being a little creep? I’d like to see that character development. I’m looking forward to seeing how he can shape his quirk to better serve himself and his team, so I’d say that Mineta actually doesn’t deserve the Bad Rap. Yet.

What do you think, does Mineta from “My Hero Academia” deserve the Bad Rap? Let us know your thoughts in the comments – we always love hearing your take! ✌👾


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