Top Nerdy Gifts Found on Etsy

Happy Holidays, my fellow otakus and gamers! Tis the season for joy and giving, so today I have put together a festive little list of some of my favorite Etsy listings. Not only will your loved ones appreciate the thoughtful gift, but you can be sure that the creator will appreciate the sale as times continue to be tough for small businesses.

1. Gamer Candle by PrettyPrintsByAmanda

Ah, you know the drill – you’ve put in a long day at work and you finally get a chance to unwind and put in some gaming time… only to get annihilated by some kid with too much time on their hands. Have no fear – just light this candle and remember, not so long ago you were once that kid, and with enough time that little punk will face his own share of kids that will try to ruin the experience. You know – the circle of life and all that junk. This delightful candle comes in either Vanilla or Cinnamon Stick and is sure to enhance your gaming session!

2. There Are 20 Sides to Every Story art by BookishBirds

I actually bought this for my brother a couple of Christmases ago and he loved it! This is a unique art piece printed on a genuine vintage dictionary page. Perfect for any D&D player.

3. Notice Me Senpai candle by ForTheWickCandles

What otaku wouldn’t adore this sweet smelling gift? You can bet whoever gives this will definitely be noticed!

4. Library Soap by StrangeCharmDesign

First of all, just look at this intricate design. It is literally a piece of art carved into a block of soap! I can assure you that your author sister will cry if she gets this at the family holiday party.

5. D&D Dice Bath Bombs by NerdyByLadySween

Y’all know your girl loves a good bath bomb. We’ve all seen those bombs that have the neat little prizes in them – rings, money, crystals, etcetera. But have you ever had a bath bomb WITH A D20? You can also choose to have an entire set included. Who knew me time could also help build that dice collection?

6. Baby’s First Sword by PrintedFoundry

These cute little rattle sensory toys are perfect for the tiny hero/antihero/antagonist in your life! Do I plan to get one of these bad boys for my nephew next year? Absolutely!

7. Spell Tracker by ArrowRoadCreations

This is just so cool. If you are running a character that uses spell slots, this is a perfect addition to your campaign! The scroll itself comes in a variety of colors and the script selections are Elven, Dwarven, Infernal (ahhh!!), or a combo.

8. Death Star Planter with Plant by RedwoodStoneworks

Ever get the insatiable need to have household plants inside of a cute little Death Star? Well, your dreams have officially come true! Plus it comes with the plant! Convenient!

9. Anime Whipped Sugar Scrubs by CosplayArtsShop

Winter is coming, and winter means dry skin. These anime themed sugar scrubs will get you through that rough patch with a variety of nice scents… and a nice variety of heroes, too!

10. Fwop, Thwop, Shwoop sticker pack by Camiquinta

And finally… if you’ve seen these words before and feel that little bit of heat automatically warm your cheeks, you already know that you need this holographic sticker pack in your life!

There you have it, Militia! Also, make sure to shop at your local Mom and Pops this year. You will be helping families right in your community who depend greatly on each and every sale to make it. This means shopping at the awesome table top game store that might be a little pricier than Walmart or Amazon but is always there with great tips and recommendations for new games, and the cool local book shop that will actually order your book if they do not have it in stock. I know online shopping is easier and much more convenient right now when it seems like the world is burning, but these small businesses truly do make a great difference in our communities. So let’s make sure to give our neighbors and amazing creators a chance to make #holiday2021 the best ever! ✨👾✨


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