Self Reminder Of Why I Prefer Offline Games

Recently, me and my wife moved across town to our first house! I know, super exciting right? However, with every big move, we were without internet for quite some time. Being pretty big gamers we quickly discovered that 90% of the games we play were online only. This was obviously a problem for us given our situation.

So, there we were. In our new game room staring at the wall because we couldn’t have access to our games. This really made me think. Maybe we’ve been too attached to online only gaming? If you really think about it, most of the current top games are multiplayer only. Isn’t that crazy? PUBG, Warzone, Hunt Showdown, Battlefield 2042, Day Z, ect. All online only. Some CAN be played solo, but have to have a constant internet connection, so that argument can’t be made here.

This really made me rethink my current gaming rotation. I finally had time to actually sit down and enjoy our new game room, but nothing could be played. We gave up online competitive gaming a long time ago, but even most of our online co-op games still required an online connection. Looking at you DayZ… and Battlefield 2042… y’all need to chill with the online connection. I understand DayZ, but the latter? Seriously no reason.

Life is getting so much busier over the next few months where online only games just aren’t on my radar anymore. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve come to appreciate offline only games. I mean, yeah I want to have the latest updates and all, but the core gameplay has to be built around an offline experience for me to even consider it. Plus, with only a few hours a week to game these days it take out the pressure to be super good at anything.

At the end of the day, I’m not saying online only games are bad, because there are quite a few I absolutely love. I’m just saying that as time has passed I’ve developed a deep appreciation for games that don’t rely on an internet connection to be functional. A big reason I’ve steered clear of MMOs and similar things. If that’s your thing, then you enjoy it! Just be mindfully that when that internet goes, so does your game time! Be sure to keep a couple offline ones on stand by!

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