Apocalypse News

Inspired By Old School Fallout Radio

Goodmorning post apocalyptic America! We here at 101 Militia Gaming love every thing geek culture. You remember traveling around the wastelands with the music and radio blaring on you Pip Boy? So do we! Most of us here have extensive theatre background, and decided why not blend the two things we love! Thus, Apocalypse News was born!

What is Apocalypse News? It’s a fictional news broadcast set in post apocalyptic USA. It’s set mainly in the mid-west, but it will reach coast to coast! We’ll cover anything from the nuclear winter weather, zombie traffic, politics of local survivor settlements, and even things a little…darker. If you’re a fan of old school Fallout radio, or simply love fiction radio dramas like Welcome To Nightvale, then look no further!

Welcome to the hell scape denizens of post apocalyptic America!

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