Meet Our Writers

John McCool


John comes from a small town in southern Mississippi. He was introduced to the wonderful life of geek culture by his dad who would play legendary RPGs while he watched. Being raised on Dungeons and Dragons, Video Games, and anime, John continues the family trend and hopes to pass it down to his daughter. John started as a way to show the world that hard working adults can still enjoy geek culture even though they work 10 hour days, 7 days a week. John, and his team of close friends, set sail to bring geek culture to those who believe it’s out of their reach.

Matthew Dominick


Matthew Dominick hails from a small southern town deep in Mississippi. His first introduction into the world of gaming as a young boy was the ever legendary Mario 64. Ever since he hasn’t been able to keep a controller out of his hands. As Matthew grew older he gravitated towards any and all things nerd, the Legend of Zelda being the game he holds closest to his heart. When Matthew was a young man, he met another just like him, a man that became his best friend, John McCool. Together they conspired to create the greatest gaming duo ever. Thus the 101Militia was born, long before what it became what it is today it was just a dream of two young men. Matthew tends to lean more towards immersive RPGs, Action Adventure and the oh so good First Person Shooters. But thanks to John he’s not afraid to throw down in any type of Military Sim as well! Journey with him and his friends as they make 101 Militia Gaming heard around the world!

Lauren McCool


Lauren was born and raised in east central Illinois. Social worker by day, she lives for coming home at the end of the day to hang out with her amazing husband, John, and their beautiful daughter, Matilda. She has a love for all things cats, horror, travel, RPGs, musical theatre, Harry Potter, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer…just to name a few.

Jerremy Morgeson


Remy Morgeson began his journey as a writer 2016 but his interest in putting words to the page has existed long before that. A lifelong lover of fantasy and science fiction, Remy found his inspiration in the fantastic settings and the many personalities he has shared adventures with over the years, his influences including authors such as Robert E. Howard, Hideyuki Kikuchi, and Margaret Weis. In addition to being an avid blogger for 101 Militia Gaming, Remy is also a self-published author, his debut series, Chronicles of the Bear, being in released in January of 2020, with his first novel, The Wreck of the Tiger, following in August.

As well as keeping up with his weekly articles and writing sword and sorcery, Remy enjoys a variety of hobbies, including weight training, RPGs, and retro video games, and has also been known to binge the occasional anime or two from time to time. He currently resides in Danville, Illinois with his wife and daughter, whom nothing would be possible for him without.

Mandy McCool


Mandy McCool (better known as theundisputedunknown) sells promises by day and writes stories of the unknown by night. Mandy greatly enjoys an array of pastimes, including watching anime, classic gaming, and reading filthy yaoi.
Mandy has published her first novel in the Annals of the Common Beyond series, THE CONTRACT: THE REVELATION OF THE OPAL, and is hard at work polishing the hell out of its prequel, THE IMMORTAL PERCEPTION. Paperback and ebook formats can be found on Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, and many other fine book sellers.