101 Militia, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Wow, crazy how life works sometimes. So many incredible things can happen that takes time away from hobbies, and that’s okay! Life is absolutely wild, and the best way to handle it is just buckle up for the ride. What else can you do?

Me and my amazing wife @ladymccool have had another child, purchased our first house, and just overall slaying life! The best thing about this hobby is that it’s always going to be there for us when things settle down. That being said, are we still gaming like we used to as a group? Not really. Like I said, life take everyone down different paths, but do we get together and game any free chance we get? Absolutely. That’ll never change.

Geek culture is so much bigger now than when we started this website. Just in the small amount of time we’ve seen so many changes that has flipped the world on its head. For millennial gamers like myself who is knocking on the door of 30 years old, there’s been such a resurgence in a desire for Retro Gaming, that it’s almost completely where my mindset is now. As a group, we’ve all pretty much decided the PS5 generation will be our last console which is crazy to think about. Most modern games just simply aren’t fun to us anymore with the greed and laziness of big gaming corporations. Looking at you EA…

We’ve all fallen in love with older games again, because they’re actually FUN. Not saying modern games aren’t fun, because there’s a few winners, but a lot of them aren’t any more. With the shift in the culture to a competition focus has brought us to a weird dark age in gaming. Oh well, the oldies are goodies.

Well, anyway, we’re still alive here at 101 Militia Gaming, and we’ll be popping in and out to say hi every now and then! Hopefully one day I can convince the whole team to pop back online again, but you all have to help me! Go on the writer’s posts and comment for them to make a return!

As always, take care of each other!

For all the latest in geek culture keep it right here with 101 Militia Gaming!


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